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What Love

What love is this? That gave me a name Calling me to Him Day after day Gathering hands Uniting in grace But behind closed curtains The stagehand waits What love is this? That clasps my hand Pulling me forward And holding me back A grip so tight Yet sometimes so slack In totality is something I never will grasp What love is this? That gives away All that it’s ever Wanted to stay And when a son Has rejected grace The love will die For him anyways What love is this? Will I ever know? The flame that burns Amidst the snow The sun on my back The moon’s soft glow The shine of the starts Amidst the darkest groans What love, what love, Can I ask such a question? Without being pointed In unending directions? You are the One, The choicest selection Of whom I am The faintest reflection What love what love We sing of what love We dance of what love We ask of what love We exist for what love And live in what love Though we may not Even know w

Thy Will Be Done

Even Thy cup of wrath I will drink without hesitation For every sip is to Your glory Thy will be done Children of iniquity And quiet indignation Yet still written in Your story Thy will be done The lawless one Puppets his divisions Yet within Your will he’s bound Thy will be done The world is silent Before creation But You barely make a sound Thy will be done

The Workout Poem

this is a poem and it's gotta be read gunna go workout and startup a sweat it's gunna be hard it's gunna be rough but with hardcore music i feel really tough so if you see me drippin from my head to my toe just that i'm tryin' to work off all my crisco after that i'll shower and head to the cafe so that tomorrow i'll have to do it over again...

Thoughts on Hell

There will be a strange unity in hell, of men who have come to realize that they turned their hearts back one moment too late. Let us not forget that we once found fellowship among the damned. If we were to go to Sheol, I know we would see familiar faces, those who have had similar ambitions, and high ideals: those who sought the best for society, and taught at the most prestigious of places. We would find those who have loved just as much as we have loved and lived just as long. Hell will be full of “good people.” Because we, just as much as anyone else deserve Hell, we deserve eternal separation from perfection, to wallow in our shame and guilt. -The Quiet Poet 7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. Matthew 7:7-9

The Shepherd is the Lamb

The Shepherd is the Lamb Do you understand That God became a man? The Shepherd is the Lamb Who is the champion? The friend of the suffering? Of those who were never born? The King with the crown of thorns And I'll consecrate a verse To the kingdom in reverse Where the least are most And the last will be the first The Shepherd is the Lamb Do you understand That God became a man? The Shepherd is the Lamb …welcome to the kingdom in reverse, my home…and I will never understand, and thank God I won’t…cause if I did what would be the worth of pursuing something I already knew…how beautiful, the incomprehensible…

That's His land

Poetry, poetry I’ll recite some poetry So follow my word and go with me To a land of flowing milk and honey Lush trees with strong foundations Humongous mountains with high elevations Green as far as the eye can see That’s His land, will you go with me? Streams of rest, fruits as big as the hand Stretching over and across the land Life as far as the eye can see That’s His land, will you go with me? The sun, His light, always shines Sending His rays through the crack in the vines Light as far as the eye can see That’s His land, will you go with me? Companion of lion and of lamb Standing on rock never on sand The foundation that you seek That’s His land, will you go with me? Quiet, alone, restful we’ll wait Never quite lonely, never sedate Peace, immersion, tranquility That’s His land, will you go with me? This is the place, imagination’s summit Our mind will never over come it On the other side of iniquity That’s His land, will you go with me?


Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to wanting was to give? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to pain comes in not escaping pain but experiencing it? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution for death was to die? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to fear was surrender? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to security comes in the attempt of the unknown? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to jealousy comes not in fulfillment of that desire, but in the release of it? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to anger is not destrution, but release? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to the desire to escape would be to immerse oneself in community? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to blindness would not be sight, but instead someone hand? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to weakness is not strength, but understanding? Did it ever make sense that the soul-ution to the impossible, would be the impossible? I ca

summer corner

reading in the sun, sounds like fun, i wish that i, could be giving that a try, but alas, spanish class, is where i must preside, but someday soon, i hear that tune, that coming song, that resounding gong, will ring and sing and summer no longer hides till then dear friend I’ll tend to lend a hand to those who need a good word summer is just around the corner…


Hell Hell will be full of good people. Filled to the brim with good intentions. We will see our friends and neighbors there, And wonder, “Why are they here? They were genuinely nice…” Hell Hell will be full of people we like, Or more so, people like us. Who looks so clean on the outside, And have wandered innocently, And wallowed quietly, In the deep darkness of shame, guilt and sin. Hell In Hell we will recognize faces We will understand motivations We will see our selfishness And we will finally find the separation we’ve been pursuing our entire lives. And it will hurt, understanding what it truly means to be severed from love. Hell Hell is what we deserve; it is where we belong. We will be, in the most sickening sense, unified in division and regret, For man will finally realize the consequences of His decisions one moment too late. And for those of us who escape: Let us not forget, That we once found fellowship among the damned; And let us save who

Naked, In the Rain

Rain, Why do you make me think so hard? What is Your force of ponderence that keeps me indoors I do all to is PLAY! when want I remember one night It was late The rain poured outside And Your magic ran in my veins I was tired of pondering And staying in the dry So I took off all my clothes And I wanted to hide But You, You beckoned me outside So I opened the door It was cold But I’d been cold before... ...I wasn’t afraid... ...well, maybe just a little... I stepped out. The wind immediately brought the wet to my face I struggled to hide the joy I felt I wasn’t sure of what to do I’d never experience such mystery before I decided to wash myself I had what I needed But soon, clean didn’t really matter to me I laid down on the grass And closed my eyes And pretended I didn’t exist But each drip showed I did I was cold, but it didn’t matter anymore I was filled with curiosity With mystery I was very afraid of being discovere

Have I always been so lost

Have I always been so lost? It seems that in this moment that I reflect back I know I’ve forgotten something: Because all my desert memories Have become their own oasis The salt that once was tasteless Now is savory The bitterest of moments Now taste sweet of thought And the ones that I once fought Seemed to never be O judicial slavery Always be held by such a nature An obstinate and simple creature Bound in wavering My internal liturgy Clasped liked skin to body And what nobody’s taught me You’ve mentored by Your grace The light alludes My shadow again And still the outline is cast Nothing can keep Out the dark Hidden in the past But looking back Where shadow’s at Only light remains It seems shadows Only results If light overwhelms the space

Goodnight, Goodnight

nighty night those heavy eyes hold the weight of morning's rise silently take off disguise shedding of the demons lies a Father's soothing lullabies echo through the darkest night i will wait for you inside untill the sun meets the sky

Follow Me

Hello child, take my hand, let us seek truth together I want to know honesty, in cold or warm weather I’ve heard it said, that you want the world Follow my lead I know something better Sing with me, won’t you sing my song Follow my lead for I’m it’s creator

Dead Ends

I want to take every little emotion That’s ever crawled into the dark ally of mind And quickly beat it into submission And tell him that, “he’s mine, all mine.” I’ll lurk in the corners, and the darkest dead ends To makes sure I’m nowhere around When the feelings come, I’ll let them feel my knuckles Knocking them swiftly to the ground. It’s like a drug or and infection of sorts They stun me unaware They might be expressed, if I’m ever off guard So I must always be prepared I’m sure over time, a wall can be built, A defense of brick and stone Then I can hide, sheltered in here Cold, yes, but in control And the tragedy is, or so some say, I guess I never will know That everyone with a continual smile Still sometimes feels alone Still sometimes worries the worst of things Still sometimes hates his friends Still sometimes burrows himself inside Still trapped in his dead ends And he wishes sometimes, he could cry like others And reach to the depths of the de

Father and Son

The once was a King A very wise King For all His subjects He cared He’d walk the streets Everyday To see the lives they shared They would get up early To milk the cows And collect the chickens’ eggs To buy the bread And plow the field Which took up most of their days One day the King Met a man Dirty, tired and poor Being a slave And meeting the King Was honorable I’m sure The man was polite Kept his eyes on the ground And bowed awkwardly in place He shook his hand Offered his praise Never looking the king in the face “tell me your name” Said the king to the slave Putting aside the fact that he already knew “I am but a slave” He said under his breath Because that was the best he could do And quickly away Slipped the slave in the crowd Avoiding the King’s gaze (or Avoiding the feeling of shame) Never had he Met a man Who’d cared about his name Well the King mindful That the slave had left Followed him to his home And watched through th