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Tired World

where does the world sit when it feels tired?             is there an endless bench that overlooks our universe?       where does earth rest when trodden and worn down          when the spinning arching looping days             have worn long wrinkles                 with brown and grey clouds streaking north and south?       when does the world ache its ache             and feel the weight of itself can it give its wounds away    to the care of other worlds?       has saturn stretched its rings to her          or jupiter its moon       can mars give itself away          or mercury draw near? will the sun’s rays warm earth’s skin    when dawn breaks in early morn          and reminder of her molten strength                         boiling at the core? earth, your spinning face,    seems to be stern and wearing out… how and where and when and why       are questions full of doubt—          i wish to take your endless form          and wash it white as snow,          yet there is o