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I have been seeking things beyond the city, unto the edge of the world , and though i did not sail there i saw the edge unfurled. the cascades endless drop was silent but for the downrush sounds of desperate droplets reaching up to gather in the sky. and i for once was afraid of the stark unfeeling end i hoped for faces to look my way but everything was still. and dare i ask, "where were the brave, here at the end of the world?" the adventures, stragglers and sojurners haven't they too counted costs? And what of the edge and the starry host that peaked over the horizon, do they only know the height and depth, or must i ask to find them? Oh tell me falls of endless light—where do you waters meet with land, and is it peaceful, is it safe, is it worth the momentous and unfurled end? and how can i imagine such impossibles , won't they always lead away, from my familiar city, my warm bed, from my love's precious gaze? come to me, ends of the earth that i might learn my


And ill be sitting with you until our tea gets cold until the world settles down around us and all the untold stories sit down like old friends and tell of holes made of faces soft touches, warm embraces, the kind that the world bends to listen in and wonder with us what has been and what is its ending you and i had thought we were pretending all the while love had crept in on us unnoticed and unbidden like the shadowy reflection in our  mirror light reflects light until all things are clear.