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See Through Me

See through me. like the x ray machine, looking through my skin to the dry bones within, see through me. See through me. like the windswept waves burst with lighted beads of sunrays, crashing only to come up again, see through me. See through me. like the child scraping begging for a playing mother who sweeps into her arms for the attention he needs, see through me. See through me. like the renegade son who came back with nothing, begging for a job and stinking and lost, see through me. And see through me, when the dust settles and the world mentions my name and claims my faith and shows my face to you and i wonder there, mixed with all the mirth and laughter, with the wealth of nations on our shoulders, and my illegitimate brother pointing to every way i've been fake, halfhearted and shamed. The Lord Almighty, will you then? See through me.

A Word Dangles

A word dangles above me like a vague notion of things unseen and i bat at it like a cat playing but are You so different from me? what sort of thing has made this word so keeping my attention? i glace away and back again there it is, unmoving question... can we play games like children again just You and i? i am alone in all my memories just a flicker (a ghost) of candlelight and still You call with unanswred questions: am i waitng for You? What can be undone in this it's just You me You?


'Hullo!' comes the morning like a hedgehog greets its dwelling and noses its edges or it comes as suggesting  chirps of birds on lighthouses crying to sea waves and like the sun rays stretching fingertips on grey days they fly toward it catching the wind as kites off string and celebrate with the ocean spraying and light collecting and the breathless rejoicing of eager moments and bright days; here comes the sunrise, let us greet the day ...