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To Choose To Live To Die

Everything, I have ever tried Has left me dry This mirage Has become my life And it is all a lie In fetters I, Am brought to the shoreline And thrown off the portside Burning sears Pain on the inside Underwater, I die I die, I die, I die, I die I die, I die, I die, I die Death brings life, And resurrected peace Welcome to the feast My past lives Wither and they die In presence of Your light Everything, I have ever tried Had left me dry Suicide O’ lost life of mine You have come alive

This is Your song

This is Your song, This is the song that I will sing Of Majesty And of my offering I will declare the things That I have never seen And sing glory when Those things come to be…

my Misunderstanding

I dwell on my dullness, but You make me bright I dwell on my darkness, but You make it light I dwell on my goodness, but You show me the bad I dwell on my joyfulness, but You make me sad I dwell on my pain, but You make it all better I dwell on my freedom, but You put me in fetters I dwell on my pride, but You make me humble I dwell on my strength, but You make me stumble I dwell on my riches, but You make me poor I dwell on my naivety, but to You I’m a whore I dwell on my sin, but to You I’m clean I dwell on my time, but to You just a scene I dwell on my heart, but to You just a stone I dwell on my loneliness, but I’m never alone I dwell on my emptiness, but You show me full I dwell on my wisdom, but You see a fool I dwell on my lust, but Your strength has endured I dwell on my Unimaginable, and of Him I’m assured I dwell on my worst, yet You make it the best I dwell on exhaustion, but You give me rest I dwell on the day, but You make it so small I dwell on the m


Rain Rain Rain Rain This desert proves the rain This desert proves the rain This desert proves there are: Plains to graze Fields of grace Lives to change Your Rain Your Rain Your Rain Your Rain

Man O Man

man o man, this life is confusing... i step again and i'm in a place i don't understand how to be satisfied is that the question to ask? can unsatisfaction be satisfactory? (could i be so lucky?) man o man i am so undone yet still so hidden and still so dumb oh, life, i do not know your name i do not know your ways and the knots you've tied today keep me merrily on my way so usure, so unknown, so blank until the dawn awakes when hope flashes its face and i'm left with nothing but grace... but this is only a taste...

In Light of You

My Savior, how could I be the one You chose So insufficient, like creations little joke; The world laughs at me It just makes sense now, that in everything You make the great the least Cause all the things that, the world holds dear to me, I long to set free… In light of You… In light of You… This life, is more than just a chore, It’s something more A touch, a song, a dance, a gift, to the One who deserves, Nothing less than this My life, my gods, my hands, my heart, And everything departs… In light of You… In light of You… This song, is nothing compared, To all that You’ve shared with me These words are meaningless at best When compared to the rest, of the things You have done And I, am so left behind, in the wake of Your life Could I, ever measure to Your name, Yet you love me the same… In light of You… In light of You…

If I Was to Tell You....

If I was to tell you that I am confident That would be a lie The truth is that I long for the approval of others Most of what I do has a hidden hope that Someone will see me and realize how “good” I am If I was to tell you that I am truthful That would be a lie Honestly, I have tried to be, but I am Continually tempted to work things out In my own favor, or what I think Will be my own gain (which many times is not) If I was to tell you that I am loving That would be a lie I put on a mask (I’m sorry, it’s An old cliché, I know, but it’s true) I’m an actor, I want people to Know that they are loved, so I fake It sometimes and convince myself That it is for their own good, while I am hurting us both If I was to tell you that I am faithful That would be a lie An obvious one at that, I tend To forget my friends, miss important Times for my own selfish gain. I Purposely avoid people, and their Loving outstretched arms, so that i Can hide in my own unfeeling wo

Echo, Dear Friend...

Echo, dear friend I challenge you to a duel Won’t you accept? Or do you think me a fool? You remember the last, We’ll use the same rule: You cannot use What you know as a tool Hold fast, my brother You steel is cold Your heart is stone And your ways are old You’re frighteningly quick Draw blade, draw blood My nerves they barely Even realize your touch Strong flips of wrist Draw back, draw forth Every move I make You follow of course Upstairs and down Through court, through hall Down through the garden And then up against the wall Your blade against mine Like lovers they kiss Or like trains they hit Without smashing to bits Flippant in The most playful of games Or grimacing As the battles enrage Until I’m pinned With your sword at my heart Your eyes on mine Sweat dripping hard Panting for breath As silence ensues The dust quietly settles On the ground by our shoes And without warning You run me through And I’m faced with what I’d ne

Father, are we righteous?

Father, Father, Father Father, Father, Father We are Righteous In your eyes He will lead the blind By way they do not know Make darkness to light before their eyes Rugged place to plains These are His ways And they are there to stay Savior Forgive us All our pride Who is the blind But my servent wise Make darkness to light before their eyes Trust and obey These are His ways And they are here to stay Spirit Cast our Idols aside O’ Father O’ Father O’ Father

An Away Message

Hello... ...this is an away message for YOU... ...yes YOU...the one reading this right now... ...i want YOU to know that YOU ARE LOVED... ...even if YOU reject it... ...even if YOU hate it with all that you are... won't go away... ...some might think that creepy...not me... ...i think it's beautiful... ...i think it might be the most wonderful thing i have ever heard... ...because whatever i matter what i do... ...i can't earn it...i don't have to earn it... ...and i can't lose it... wouldn't you like to know Love this way ? ....i do...i do.