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The Willow

The Willow Thus, from the Willow I stepped into splattered sunlight And traced the rays and shadows With my eyes. I climb Up each spire, like an escalator Till warmth and cold were home. I meet the sun. Face to face. I brush his nose. soak his eyes. Know his smile. And feel his gaze. I give the kiss he’d given me, except To his feet. And I weep, freely.

Displaced (swing low, rearranged)

Displaced swing low sweet chariot comin’ forth to carry me home. swing low sweet chariot coming forth to carry me home.) sat still with hope she waited on me. questioned, i answered with a wink; smiled strained happiness and mentioned her name—wondered and modeled (and still wondered just the same).a our wants and answers play a silly game, like lovers self-aware, unsure, question fate. swing low, sweet me away, chariot of wants days unclaimed, come forth, in majesty unmeasured, unattained—and wait to be lifted, upheld displaced. meet with me for coffee (tomorrow?) it’s a date. Well sure, unless you’re unsure, if so then let’s just wait. But I do, and you?

Owned 'em

Owned ‘Em i begged you, ancient friend, to come you’ve shaken hands with so many, young or old, strong or broken and you’ve fixed ‘em a n d l o v e d ‘e m and owned ‘em

Fridge Poem II

Fridge Poem II heaven must be some clothes you can feel-- like somewhere nearby you wouldn’t look. oh make heaven where you put your heart only looking there from the night. can you get at me, your love, to know me? that place i have been.

My Father

My Father I had a nightmare And I awoke. I ran To the room of my father. I crawled into bed And lay next to him. In the folds of his blankets With my head on his chest. His warm breath And calm presence Soothed me. I had a nightmare And the nightmare was our world.