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Growing Dark

I wrote this poem overlooking the ocean just after sunset. It is a reflection on beauty and loss, and how the vanity of the world touches all of us (like Ecclesiastes). I hope it brings up similar emotions in you, and that you can bring those to Jesus with me.  Sometimes night falls when you least expect And the clouds roll in  Blocking the sunset And all you can do is sit and sip on  All the things you've left undone And the waves that might have come Carrying driftwood kingdoms To begging hands [And just so] the sunset darkens before your eyes But beauty only ashes tithe  Which sweeping breezes blow away to vacant skies Life begins to bleed into the lies we've been living in Our little hovels  How they hold us Dull and lifeless Away from love and kissing lips Away from pain and betrayer's kiss And here I sit in darkest night contemplating what might have been And why it isn't exactly what I thought might be No It seems to echo over the siloettes  An