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Two Voices

“What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and we have touched with our hands, concerning the Word of life—has been made manifest!” “We can only receive God unto us when we likewise give ourselves to Him…but this sacrifice of surrender and obedience is true and pure only when it is the sacrifice of free love, when under it the position of servant is transformed into that of the child.” There is a song between two persons: I bow to you, God omnipotent I reach for you, God omnipresent I look for you, God All-wise I hope for you, God All-good I sing for you, God Creator I dance for you, Unmoved Mover I breath for you, Ever-present I stop for you, Eternal Moment I rest on you, Sure Foundation, I let go for you I let go… I am Powerful over you, bow I am Present over you, reach I am Considerate over you, look I am Good over you, hope I am Making over you, sing I am Moving over you,

Fill Us Great Heart

There is a great heart That stands above the world weeping, His tears stained and dripped with blood On our walls, falling Giving us meaning without words— Until we cannot express ourselves So deeply That we stop expressing. And begin being In this great heart Standing above the world. :: Fill our world with tears The kind that fill the world And let the tears fill our lives the kind that fill your heart, and let your heart fill the tears in the lives of our world and the greater heart will come within —to fill your heart again.

The Spring

The Spring John 4:14 I asked about the pond we found a little further from the house than I’d been all my life. It was full (even in drought my father said) and I was glad, it was clear (even with the glare) I could see it was deep— and I ran through the grass (that came to the edge) to look but I slipped and my foot sunk in and my elbow too. I reached for some grass and pulled myself out, breathed deep, then sighed, then laughed at [to] myself and stood up (with shirt off), and backed away to get some distance. I ran to the edge (full speed), took a leap, plugged my nose, breathed deep and closed my eyes. I went back every day. :: I dropped my bags (there were two). hugged my dad. kicked my shoes. threw my shirt. In the sun my eyes glared but I lift my hand and jogged through the grass and sat my feet in with a smile. I paused and decided, rolled backwards and stood. I backed up and I jumped. :: This ti