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Two Voices

“What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and we have touched with our hands, concerning the Word of life—has been made manifest!”

“We can only receive God unto us when we likewise give ourselves to Him…but this sacrifice of surrender and obedience is true and pure only when it is the sacrifice of free love, when under it the position of servant is transformed into that of the child.”

There is a song between two persons:

I bow to you, God omnipotent

I reach for you, God omnipresent

I look for you, God All-wise

I hope for you, God All-good

I sing for you, God Creator

I dance for you, Unmoved Mover

I breath for you, Ever-present

I stop for you, Eternal Moment

I rest on you, Sure Foundation,

I let go for you

I let go…

I am Powerful over you, bow

I am Present over you, reach

I am Considerate over you, look

I am Good over you, hope

I am Making over you, sing

I am Moving over you, dance

I am Present over you, breathe

I AM over you, stop

I am Confident in you, rest

I AM, my son

I Am…

The birds soaring, my soul in You.

The clouds moving and forming, my heart.

The blue is blue because of you,

And it is night when you hide.

The greens, the life I have in you.

The reds, the works you have done.

The life around me, and in me

Is you, and I am in you,

We are One.

The stars, I know them, the glimmers of you.

The sun, the hope in my heart.

The twigs, the moments I break for you.

The seasons, the joys of your heart.

The questions, the mind I have for you.

The hurts, your way in my way.

The branches, all that I stretch toward you.

Am I not the world you have made?

Son, when I made the stars and the sun,

You were a thought in my mind.

When I touched the earth, and caused it to grow

I pressed myself in your mind.

And when I set the clock to tick quiet joy

I wound your heart around my heart.

I share this world with you, my joy

My son, you always are mine.

Pine with me! Long for a full revelation!

My joy, from beginning to end!

Consume and bloom, eternal presence,

You. My world; my desire.


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