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The Pond

The Pond I asked about the pond we found a little further from the house than I’d been all my life.      It was full (even in drought my father said) and so clear even with the glare I could see it was deep—and I ran through the grass that came to the edge to look    but I slipped and my foot sunk in and my elbow too. I reached for some grass and pulled myself out,                                     breathed deep,                                                 then sighed,                                     then laughed at myself    and stood up (with shirt off), and backed away to get some distance.   I ran to the edge (full speed)—took a leap,                                     plugged my nose,                                           breathed deep                                                 closed my eyes. I went back every day.                                     :: I dropped my bags: (there were two).                                     hugged my dad.                     

YHWH, my Father (Part V)

YWHW, my Father o taste and see that YHWH is good He comes to those who fear Him and rescues them He is near to those who seek Him His ways are beyond the soul, the eyes He has bidden us to come and find Him and the very serch has His heart in it. when the soul has journeyed, beyond the edge, the cliff edge of understanding, and walked the downward path to the creeks and creveices of faithless and weakness, and darkness— what will He find there, at the center of the heart: His nature? What has been carved over millions of years, the gorge between life and death, will anyone hold his wounded hand, the one this cloak hides? will someone touch the gnarled fingers, and sooth the wounds of life? “shout into the canyon, son is it only you who answers?” it may be, the crevice we traced was carved in God’s own heart, the separation and the depths infinite yet easy to be found in.

YHWH, my Father (Part IV)

YHWH, my Father             let the world led me out beyond                         the stretch of time to timelessness— looking over a round horizon—the very earth is a blur             between thousands of unimagineds and redefines when can i be with You? oh, of all things, the Maker, of all things, the very center,                                     the high, wide, deep and longing for You,                                                                                                             letting all this be…             let it be.             You have boundless energy, looking over the fence—people upon people                         they talk, click, move, question, wait             complain, forgive, wonder, anger, move over laugh, hurt, find and listen                         when can i be withYou , YHWH— there in the silent cosmos, in the bright daylight,             in the moving crowds of dimly burning wicks smoldering in a sunset of Your presence—i am fine, here…