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Dawn is Coming

twirling down and settling below the crown and face i stayed thinking only of what had been and how i could keep it. yet, one word, one little word from you  and the trees fell the oaks bent the world ceases in motion (a momentous clearing rough as dust settles it was as if the forest ripped open into blue). And i was so aware. ofeverythingalltogether and bowed low by a (whisper) spoken through them. and i too felt naked hiding behind anything i could find, scurrying from log to limb to rock and bushes, from the voice that already came and beckoned me with uprooting questions: (the kind of which both parties already know the answer).  and i laugh now that it's all over but then and still the answer shakes me, and i am seen though the darkness overtakes me, and haven't found myself in the messesmaking, but the dontleavemehere and the imalreadytaken compoundedtogether bridging the words of forever to now over the bend to then and still; yet dabbling in the maybe, who