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(and i just sat there feeling really loved by someone i couldn't see)

the land draped into the ocean, it's sweet scent of dry grass and leaves mixed with the salty breeze and i looked-- oh can you see it? its vastness streches to the horizon--its face scrapes the rocks and diamonds dance along its plain--there must be thousands! the rippled turquoise and blue that make deep shadows and turn bright white, they curl in caravans over the waters to shorelines, to breakers-- can you hear them beckoning to you? the bleary brightness that surrounds the horizon makes a walkway for the clouds to move-- have you ever thought to join them, on their massive expedition? it's true they sail at noon. and i have found in looking, there's a sort of walking my eyes and my body can do-- and i take the hands of the water generations and trapse over the waves to the moon. yes, we will settle there, among the grey-blue skyline and be friends with the Man and His moon. yes, we'll wait on the edge until the darkness decends and join Him, just You me you.

I took my sandals off

i took my sandals off and i touched the walls thanking You for Your presence and asking Your protection loving affection and timeless resurrection the sea side has become more brilliant white than the blue i am used to, i want to gather it in my arms by the loadful and hold it till it bolted back to its home and i could wander with it through that windy way that makes all men gave, and save face, but it's through the narrows one must trace light's eyes, not blinking, but hiding until only those with sight can see the Ghost behind all the noise.