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This is one of my favorite poems I've ever written. It speaks of my experience in relationship with God--how in the morning it is so hard to turn from anxiety and a production-mindset to the restful relationship with God. It parallels my longing for connection with God and the "unfaithfulness" of my heart to live authentically and dependently in that desire. The whole thing makes me feel so immature and out of control--this poem arose from that frustration. I really love how it resolves in the end. Those words still come to mind for me randomly in prayer and thinking. Sometimes…             Sometimes it’s overwhelming to think of                this incomprehensible thing that I am swept up in.             And sometimes all I want to do is bury my face in your cloak—                just to be close;                  I lay my head on your chest                      as we stare at the clouds and the sky.             Sometimes worry holds my day like the Reaper,             


Circ-ly come play with me among the rocks among the scattered glass under you and under me (looking for joyful-seriousness) ::   closer than skin to me closer than my skin,   time   and breath and beat and bone,         blood and skinny sin.    twice the man made in my heart,       reign—sit not stand,         loose my soul, my strength, my mind            and yes, my skinny sin sin. flatten follow, estranged, enlong and    s   t   r   e   t   c   h      o      u      t       all my limbs   beat.      dry.      soak.      still.      instead.      instead. instance.      well love,   swell so full wide and wandering,             like a desert scene         an ocean spread any distance                         distance, covering.                  black and brawny, whole   and hidden,                     white noble rich.   so rich when you          mumble me,          mutter me,          think me,          wink me,          mention me like a friend: don’t slow, stop, go or halt, tumble