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my Misunderstanding

I dwell on my dullness, but You make me bright

I dwell on my darkness, but You make it light

I dwell on my goodness, but You show me the bad

I dwell on my joyfulness, but You make me sad

I dwell on my pain, but You make it all better

I dwell on my freedom, but You put me in fetters

I dwell on my pride, but You make me humble

I dwell on my strength, but You make me stumble

I dwell on my riches, but You make me poor

I dwell on my naivety, but to You I’m a whore

I dwell on my sin, but to You I’m clean

I dwell on my time, but to You just a scene

I dwell on my heart, but to You just a stone

I dwell on my loneliness, but I’m never alone

I dwell on my emptiness, but You show me full

I dwell on my wisdom, but You see a fool

I dwell on my lust, but Your strength has endured

I dwell on my Unimaginable, and of Him I’m assured

I dwell on my worst, yet You make it the best

I dwell on exhaustion, but You give me rest

I dwell on the day, but You make it so small

I dwell on the moment, but it’s nothing at all

I dwell on myself, but You show me the others

I dwell on separation, but You show me the lovers

I dwell on my faith, but to You such a lie

I dwell on my lies, but You brush them by

I dwell on my knowledge, but I know naught

I dwell on my foolishness, but by You I am taught

I dwell on my words, but my actions You see

I dwell on my life, but it’s the death of me


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