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Dead Ends

I want to take every little emotion

That’s ever crawled into the dark ally of mind

And quickly beat it into submission

And tell him that, “he’s mine, all mine.”

I’ll lurk in the corners, and the darkest dead ends

To makes sure I’m nowhere around

When the feelings come, I’ll let them feel my knuckles

Knocking them swiftly to the ground.

It’s like a drug or and infection of sorts

They stun me unaware

They might be expressed, if I’m ever off guard

So I must always be prepared

I’m sure over time, a wall can be built,

A defense of brick and stone

Then I can hide, sheltered in here

Cold, yes, but in control

And the tragedy is, or so some say,

I guess I never will know

That everyone with a continual smile

Still sometimes feels alone

Still sometimes worries the worst of things

Still sometimes hates his friends

Still sometimes burrows himself inside

Still trapped in his dead ends

And he wishes sometimes, he could cry like others

And reach to the depths of the deep

But alas, it’s in the shallows he sits

To capture, and cower and creep

Pity pity pity the monster

That lives under the bridge

For the life that he had slowly sedated

Died before it was his

Shame shame shame the beast

A heart once dry as stone

Rhythmically throbs of a life

He never would have chose


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