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What Love

What love is this?

That gave me a name

Calling me to Him

Day after day

Gathering hands

Uniting in grace

But behind closed curtains

The stagehand waits

What love is this?

That clasps my hand

Pulling me forward

And holding me back

A grip so tight

Yet sometimes so slack

In totality is something

I never will grasp

What love is this?

That gives away

All that it’s ever

Wanted to stay

And when a son

Has rejected grace

The love will die

For him anyways

What love is this?

Will I ever know?

The flame that burns

Amidst the snow

The sun on my back

The moon’s soft glow

The shine of the starts

Amidst the darkest groans

What love, what love,

Can I ask such a question?

Without being pointed

In unending directions?

You are the One,

The choicest selection

Of whom I am

The faintest reflection

What love what love

We sing of what love

We dance of what love

We ask of what love

We exist for what love

And live in what love

Though we may not

Even know what love

We look to others

We find no love

We look to ourselves

We find no love

We look to our ways

We find no love

We look to knowledge

We find no love

We look to numbers

Words and books

We look to our make up

Mirrors and looks

We look to our slogans

Catch phrases and hooks

To our honored men

And most terrible crooks

We look to our drugs

And our fairest of dames

We look to our gods

And the biggest of names

We look to successes

We look to our gains

We push down the fallen

And reach for the fame

And we find as we grab

As we suck in all in

Just like a vampire

We get more addicted

As we bite and bleed

Out every sin

Until the world is dry

Hollow and grim

And we say to ourselves

What love is this?

Selfishness can’t be

At the root of it

O’ Children I

Will tell you this

Of all the sins

I am witness

The Father’s love

Not for righteous and sinless

But for the darkest of souls

The faded and dimmest

And dear reader I say

From the deepest of soul

That I am fallen

I’ve felt alone

But seek truth in love

Do not fear being saved

Open love’s door

He’s been knocking all day.


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