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This Was All My Idea From the Beginning

when i consider who You are
within little me
and how full You are
containing little me.
i must bow
to the heir of all things
to the Maker who made me
 and to Whom i am returning.

now, You are the Final Word
speaking through vocal cords
saying things like “count the cost;
is it worth it to gain the world
when your soul is lost?
store up treasure where moth and rust
will not destroy
and they will not be stolen
value things like i do
only i can take you (home).

even the spheres, spinning like records
around a star,
their time, place, near and far
is according to Me.
for should I choose,
I could wear them like jewelry
and dangle Jupiter, Mars, Neptune
on a string, letting their vibrating beauty extol Me.
(as it should be!)
but the lonely worlds
I chose rather to give them names
and treat them like sheep
that I lead in and out again
can you number them?
can you tell if one is missing?
I lead them to quiet streams, yes,
Even little infinite things like these.

could it be, that you would think to comprehend Me?
don't you see?
this was all My idea. i found you.
(not the other way around)
with bleeding hands
bruised chin
unbroken bones
crying breath
i found you out. 
And it was you who hid,
not Me.
I came to you,
from unimaginable heights
to uncomprehendable depths
I shrank,
and became little
without becoming less.
do you not see?
this was easy for Me. 
it's My world, and i'll do as i please
I AM the fashioner
a worldmaker
I burn with divine glory
a word from My lips
and things begin or cease
the incomprehensible written into comprehending
(and you thought you found Me?)
even when I carried the cross
I still carried the worlds in my pocket

was it a rouse that no one came
to my rescue?
it was by my command
thousands of jealous angels
didn’t come in and tear this world to shreds,
(and do you think this was
 a sort of indifference
that you could come
and “ask Me in”
oh, child, I came unbidden, 
unwanted, like a lamb led to slaughter…
don’t you think for a moment you found Me).

this was all My idea from the beginning. 


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