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Steadfast. Immovable (Part VI)

Steadfast. Immovable (Part VI) is the sixth of an 11 part series of poems I wrote in 2010 during a time of transition. Transition has always been hard for me, but this situation, I really experienced God shepherding my heart as I left one role and move onto another. He did a lot of shifting on the heart level for me. These poems celebrate how constant and strong He is in the midst of life's uncertainty. (1 Corinthians 15.58)

Christ steadfast. immovable.
            invisible joy piercing hearts
            heart pierced with joy invisible
            songs of innocence and recompense
            rekindled, united, completed.
            all hearts made one in the great heart.
            Serendipity, she’s nice
                        and Providence, he’s great
                                    and Fate is a man of action
                                                but honestly, i’d rather wait     in        love,
                                                                                    with     His       great                heart

                                                                        surrounded by perfect oblivion
                                                            than attempt to find
                                                                        and tie these three
                                                in hope of some distant assurance
                                                            Can’t i just sing with You, while you sing over me?
                                                            Can’t i just be quiet in Your quiet love?
                                                            may i dance and twirl,
                                                                        with the moments and the worlds
                                                                                    with You, my alien maker,                 
                                                                                    my humbled foreign ambassador,
                                                                                    my playful, light-filled forgiver,
                                                                                    my eternal inseparable redeemer?


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