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Blood and Song

blood and song

it was a small song
but written in blood and timelessness.
it sang beyond itself
and sent ripples over years
to those whose ears
yearned for the hearing…

and, in doing so,
you’ve dipped me in wisdom
like candle wax
and i am sealed
and secure
waiting for a wick
so i might burn forever—

calming me with words
meant only for me
yet stretching to
the very sanctuary of time,
where many like me
sit and sip and pine
for forever,
in moment by moment day
until in the brilliance of light
wave after wave
they come
like an unfinished army
asking for robes and
white clothing

we stand on a precipice
waiting for a voice to call us onward
yet the distance is ever too far
for us to cover

so we wait,
for a face we’ve never seen
to meet us
eye to eye
and thank us for a work
we never performed
and carry us
in youthful flight
into the light of early morn,
rising like a phoenix in the west!

and i, still in time,
(a little box,
a daily rhyme)
think on this and am blessed
learning of a song rippling
over mine,
and better yet
a touch of life
like my desires set aflame
with light
(rather than the robbing darkness
in which they live this night)
and in some whispered moment
a transport of utter mystery
carries me away
to shine on me a shadow
of the light of the face
i one day will see in life

and kiss the feet of You
who daily wash mine
and celebrate that Love itself
has conquered me through

blood and song


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