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Known in Unknowing

Known in Unknowing
swing low
            sweet chariot
coming forth
to carry  me home
swing low
sweet chariot
coming forth to carry me home.

the flow
            the violent flow of quiet unknowns
            helps to settle the nerves
            and stretch hands
            for home in greater knowns.
which find me stripped,
            running free inside
            revealed in the light of all-knowledge
            pass the gas lights
                        the street lamps
            even the storytellers
straight to the heart of life.
            the majestic sun, the wonder that scars
                        and burns and skips rocks across my heart
proceed in abandon, unwise decision
            silly and wreak-less notions
            of the human condition
                                    inside all perfection.
shout all you see, all you know of him—
and swear you’ll keep clean
in a better heart; in perfect seeing,
what is hidden? nothing!
so what is imperfect in this love?
what is incomplete? nothing will escape
the authors pen, the artist’s touch—
even escape must be in love.
            and i present my myself,
            in the will unknown to me
            in the will that’s not my own
            to be yours and yours completely.


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