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Is there a time where I will finally get a grip on life?

The day, I believe, is out there soon,

I'll stand like a tree with confidence assumed

and I'll say to life,

"Life, I have mastered thee!

You're silly and trite, and I have known thee!

Furthermore I have conquered thy best; I am man."

and I’ll grin

and I'll beat my chest.

"I have strangled you life, like a snake in the grass;

with my hand, I shook you, and made you life-less."

And I'll whip that snake around my waist,

tie his head with his tail like a belt and say,

"Finally my roots are deep and wise,

I can start now."

With nothing to fear in my eyes.

"Give me a family!"

(Yet the family is gone)

"Give me a job!"

(There's no occupation)

"Give me my friends!

My allies!

My song!

(...but there's nothing



Wrong I will stand,

like a tree

my leaves will

drop with the winter. I'll

shiver and

freeze and

crack and


And in the breeze,

in its quiet way, life will say,

"Boy, you never knew me."


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