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i don't know your secrets
Because you've never told me
But on the winking eye,
The tired sigh,
 the endless weight on your shoulders...
I see hints I see the edges of secrets sticking out like shining foil
Glimmering on the fringes of all you've kept wrapped tight
Stored away for a day that will never come
I know what happens to secrets un-savored
To looks unfinished
Hopes shipwrecked against the rocks
Holding silent vigil for an unknown cause
Skeletons full of alge lying limp like rags on the bottom of the sea...
Are these your secrets?
And I can't tell you how many times I wished to hear your voice
 and walk with you into darkest
But no hand came
No voice spoke out but
I hear these vices still so far off
They e grown like Giants
Feasting on the flesh of children unaware
Crushing fresh bones between teeth like stones
Building fortresses bigger than me
 And claiming the land for their inheritance
 And what will I get from this exhchange?
With these voices that grew because you spoke and never spoke to me...
Is this my fate, to be consumed by monsters?
To be taken in again and again, hoping for something different? Something changes?
But where have you gone with your secrets?
 I thought no one hid better than me
No one kept secret like i can
But there you were
Hiding in the corners of my own heart
 Keeping your secrets in mocking silence
And casting ash over my fires
Until only one burned still as a candle flame
One thin wick burned in my heart...
To be found
The flame whispered
To be found out
Down here in the messes
Can't you see, you've put out every passion but this single flame
And the smoke waves in your face
But still you just sit and watch it flicker
Watch it flutter delicate
And opening your mouth
I hope to hear something anything
Just a tiny glimpse of your secret to keep me aflame
But your breath is too strong
And your form so scared
You breathed and I'm blown away....


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