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I wrote this poem after a 48 hour retreat that was very significant for me. Sometimes those retreats can bring up feelings of lostness and loneliness. This poem particularly exemplifies the desire to have the love of God close enough to touch, taste. Life can feel like a wandering path, and so can our thoughts, my prayer is to see God in the journey and this poem reflect that longing.

look water ways in aren’t ways out
come by me and see the falls
maybe they’ll spill for you
when i’m so cool i want to cry
dangling legs over ol’ by and by
talking smart and tricks with kids
oh i am such a stick in the mud
‘till all the babes come home
and children’s children roam about
i’m no longer alone in this shelter
looking about for desperate faces
who i’ve found to be more like me
than anyone else who’s ever listened
well that’s a fine way to define the line
of who is in and who is out
the whole trails dry as dirt now
scents are scattered
and the wind has blown so
grass, leaves and sticks
      have covered it all up…

so i guess the hunt is off
guess it is

well, say hi to yer folks then

after a long meander back to the road
the in’s and out’s of scraped knees, a rolled ankle
no bird, no beast, no flesh to eat
only me and my loaded gun
well, sure beats the hell of out spending time
                                                            by yerself

      in fluttering wings
heaven breathes on me softly
      and i do whisper back
            though i don’t know
                        the words

       fog punches holes
      through twilight’s gaze
singing over me quietly, heaven
      comes like a cloud-fire
            letting in and out the light
                                    through me

       bitter wind pulls
      hair back on my skin
shivers of my own voice cast
      shadows over starlight holes
            and i am pulling myself down
                                    through this

      enveloped in nighttime
well, the heavens shine inside
      and sink in wondering eyes
            yet no face is given heaven
                        please see me through this

      logs crackle in flame
            i breathe soot in out
                  steam wisps like a ghost i sip
love is such a face that has grown
unfamiliar over the years
oh it has come close, but it’s just as blurred
i can’t make it out
so still i go and stay
      i play the game
but love is like shadow
coming close but beyond my eyes
      a form i can’t make out
and well i see it
and oh i feel it
but can i know it
      does it see me here?


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